Thursday, August 11, 2011

Catching up...

Ok, not sure why this post never made it to the blog... 
I drafted this post almost a month ago, I guess the summer heat melted my brain!  We are going on day 40 something of high temps over 100 degrees F! 

Isn't summertime great!  Love the warm days, kids running through the sprinklers,time with family, ice cream, cold watermelon, and hot corn on the cob.  The only problem with summer is that there is no schedule and as a result, less time for scrapping.  I am about a week behind on blogging, so you get two Lets Scrap sketches today since I missed last week.
The sketch for this week was perfect for all those summer events.  There is room for several photos and plenty of journaling.


I decided to use the pictures of my son playing soccer last year.  He is not a very aggressive boy and HATES being the center of attention, so we had pretty low expectations for soccer.  We really just hoped he would get out on the field and run around and maybe, just maybe kick the ball a few times.  In the end, he did get on the field, but there was very little running, and he never purposely touched the ball. :)  Needless to say, he doesn't think soccer is the sport for him.  Maybe T-ball...
I just love the photo of him standing in the field yawning!  Pretty much sums up his whole experience.  : )

Ok, so last week's sketch was a quick and easy one.

I had a hard time finding 7 photos, so I decided to use just the left hand side of the sketch.

I couldn't find Halloween paper that I liked for these photos, so I decided to make my own PP by using these Making Memories stickers.

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